Thursday, August 19, 2010

its time for me to rest a while...but not rest in my study

Well..last night have a busy shop in Tesco, Kampar without taking our dinner as we have to prepare for just now(last night,now its already 19 august)steamboat dinner...

Recently is the raining season so we really thanked and appreciated our class rep Stephen who will to fetch us here and there...

Last night is really a rushing night as we have to finish our lecture class around 8 pm then headed to Tesco for the steamboat's stuff...

And right on 18 August afternoon..i decided not to leave in campus but back my hostel to cook the soup and later just went back campus for my 4 pm chemistry tutorial....

i just remembered that after class dismissed me and ting ting rushed as fast as we could as we don't ever want to let ourselves caught in rain...(it's rained a while only)

I just knew that 3 of us ( me, ting ting and chu sing) busying for the preparation as we really worried the big big guys in our class not satisfy with what we had prepared....luckily that not such bad huh...
so happy that the food actually really too enough for them as they really unable to eat as much as we thought..haha.....

I just remembered they kept persuading me and tingting and ask both of us eat and eat but actually we are totally full already...

one gang of girls busy for their gossips and photo snapping.
one gang of guys busy for their pc game and also gambler....
I found that the relationships among all of the classmate getting closer and closer when the semester break is around the corner...

well,,,ntg much to mentioned ady as i'm really tired enough but satisfied with the results....

and it's time for me to have a short rest then continue with the stressful syllabus...

Im going to seat for my final exam in 12 days time.....

bless me again....

* TZ20 ILY
** My dar...thanks for concerning me so much....hope to see you soon

Sunday, August 15, 2010











906 见!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

moody bday

not my bday but his bday....
i plan a big surprise for him....but it burst into ntg
this is why i sad and angry..........
he totally forgot what he had promise and i scare he start to betray....

to him: jz bare in mind you should be responsible on what you had done
to her : bare in mind..........forget abt it......

Thursday, August 12, 2010

finally + ting's bday celebration + gathering

ALL my 1st sem mid test had come to the end..end with the mechanics paper which i sat it for today....
This time i think that i won't failed it but only can't score it well...
WELL..i had done my best preparation before the exam so whatever results i will just accept it and try to improve in final exam which is coming soon in 19 days time....

Bless me huh?!

After the test...we all ( whole TZ20) decided to have our dinner together..it's our 1st dinner together in this sem...poor is it?? ** Not our relationship not close but you know that since we enter this crazy U..our life is totally experienced a huge change (no time for us to gather)

So, this stupid or clever idea don't who raised it come to a truth...
We try to gather all classmate today for dinner...
2 main purposes.
a) earlier birthday celebration for ting ting
b) its really the time for us to gather..this sem gonna end soon and we might not same tutorial group....

Well...others tutorial groups have done many gathering since this sem began..jz our group...no chance to gather all...but finally we make it came true by today..not bad huh??

erm...We had our gathering at Kampar Station...We really had a wonderful time there..1st time I realized ..(that moment all of us only showing smiling face..so nice..without any burden and stress for reports, test and assignments)

A set of rice + desserts + drinks (coffee, honey lemon or ice lemon tea) with RM 6.90 .
Dinner sets which almost all of us ordered as it wont burst our wallet
(although the plate is really big....plate only but we satisfy with the environment)

photo snapping before dinner..
my dear Sharlet ^^
some of the guys in our group who look so hungry in this photo...

Wayne who is the youngest in this big family had brought the whole gathering to a climax...as today jing zhe and wei hang dunno whether which flavour of cake suits us so they decide to buy 2...
1) the chocolate icing cake with strawberry fillings..( ting ting 1st choice)
2)the white icing cake with blue berry fillings...

BUT...their wise plan became a stupid wonderful memories for us as we urge ting ting to choose which cake she prefer..just like a cute girl choosing her barbie doll or a sweet girl choosing her future MR RIGHT...

haha....we bad huh??
im still waiting any of them to upload the video and photos that we snapped today so that i can post them to my blog for sharing...

erm...the time end up with the whole family photo shooting session and its time for us to go back as we really exhausted for this recently mid term test...

here is our dinner bill
well....photos will be uploading soon

Saturday, August 7, 2010



原本决定到新开的little little吃,我们抵达时它却还未开始营业。


回到那间little little 时,它却满座了。。




Friday, August 6, 2010

the end of one stage is the beginning of the another stage

Today, i experienced my 1st group presentation in uni life...well, that's considered not bad for our 1st time..
Woke up early in the morning as i decided to go to campus by bus..well..everything gone smoothly ..
Just a little problem in this morning when we tried to set up the LCD projector..but at last the projector scared of me ..huh?!...>.<

I just remembered that when 4 of us chose this topic...should sports betting legalized in our country??I just wondered that the conflictssssss ( because there was a lot of conflicts happen among us)and also the arguments happened among us...whatever,It's finally come to the end..

I just don;t wanna disappoint my tutor..She's so kind to us..always ask us no worry and keep going on with our presentation...She claimed that do simple but smart stuff...
Well actually when she gave the comment... i caught nth as i really dunno the indirect comment is good or bad to us....
By right, it has already come to a stop...No matter how hard I felt when i strive for my power point, i feel happy now..As yesterday ms Amutha labeled my work with a positive tick...yeah...

Again..it's really come to the end...
Its the time for me to face my 2nd mid term test of chemistry, mechanics and mathematics..
well..i know that my 1st mid term was not so good so i really have to be very diligent to cope up everything..
What's i prepared now is not only for midterm..but for the final which will coming soon in 25 days time...

so...wish me good luck..
and i don even want my tears come out again....

my dad and mom..
i will prove it and will promise to take good care of myself...

Monday, August 2, 2010

最近的你 vs最近的我




朋友可以用短短的 一小时陪我复习好多课的物理,但是打开题目我就是不会。









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